Offering delicious Japanese inspired cuisine since 1999





bobbymar roll - $25

alaskan king crab, tempura shrimp, green onions with red tuna, black tobiko
and mango on top, drizzled with honey plum sauce

foie gras & seared tuna roll - $30

chopped red tuna, fuji apple and green onions with seared foie gras on top,
black tobiko, sweet truffle sauce and micro arugula

sabi lobster roll - $28

spinach, cucumber, red onions and avocado, topped with
seared lobster kimchi butter, chilli lime sauce

seared salmon roll - $16

torched sockeye salmon with tempura zucchini, avocado and sweet sauce

kimchi butterfish roll - $15

tempura asparagus, red pepper and avocado with torched butterfish,
sprouts and honey kimchi sauce


crazy 88 roll - $20

spicy salmon, asparagas and green onions, topped with slices of seared
butterfish and finished with a miso-apple puree

mahalo roll - $22

spicy steamed shrimp, pineapple, mango, red pepper and tempura
crumbs wrapped with soy sheet topped with albacore tuna, drizzled
with chili lime sauce and seaweed sprinkles

new style roll - $16

chopped scallops and tobiko wrapped with soy sheet and topped with
freshly sliced seafood, seared in our new style way with yuzu tobiko on top

mango tango roll - $13

fresh slices of mango, avocado, tobiko and tempura shrimp
dressed with wasabi mayo

rainbow roll - $14

crab meat, tobiko, mayo, avocado, sesame seeds topped with an
assortment of seafood on the outside

kamikaze roll - $12

spicy scallops and tobiko with tempura crumbs inside and outside

wasabi tempura roll - $13

crabmeat and shrimp with avocado, tobiko, mango & soy bean with a
light crispy tempura finish drizzled with spicy sesame sauce

catepillar roll - $12

unagi and cucumber wrapped in a roll with thin slices of
avocado on the outside with sesame seeds and sweet sauce

godzilla roll - $18

tempura shrimp, soft shell crab, scallops, mayo, avocado,
radish sprouts, sesame seeds and tobiko

volcano roll - $13

hot spicy chopped scallops and calamari and tobiko sauce over
an avocado and eel roll

white dynamite roll - $11

tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy mayo, tobiko, sesame seeds and
sprouts wrapped in a thin radish crepe

brown rice maki - $1 extra per roll




red delight - $16

tomato, red onions, sweet mushroom, avocado topped with
beet and micro arugula with sweet citrus sauce

truffle veggie - $15

tempura zucchini, avocado, grilled red pepper, sweet sauce,
topped with truffle oil and micro arugula

sabi mushroom roll - $15

shimeji and shiitake tempura mushrooms topped with
portabella mushrooms, spinach and long pepper sauce

vegetarian caterpillar roll - $12

tempura yam, cucumber inside with avocado on the outside drizzled with
sweet sauce & sesame seeds

veggie tempura roll - $10

mango, avocado, soy bean, cucumber with a crispy tempura
nish drizzled with spicy sesame sauce

aloha roll - $15

pineapple, mango, red pepper and tempura crumbs wrapped in
a soy sheet and a thin radish crepe, drizzled with chili lime
sauce and sprinkled with seaweed powder