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broadway sashimi - $40

tuna sashimi - pink $17.5 - red $m/p*

tuna & sockeye sashimi - $22

salmon sashimi - sockeye $21 - premium $24.5

toro sashimi - $24.5

hamachi sashimi - $24.5

CHEF’S CHOICE - no substitutions
6 pcs $15 - 8 pcs $20 - 10 pcs $25

*m/p = market price

—  NIGIRI  —

butterfish escolar - $3
chopped scallop
scallops with tobiko & mayo- $3.5
steamed shrimp - $2.75
yellowtail - $3.5
sea scallop - $3
surf clam - $2.5
salmon roe - $3.5
tuna - pink $2.5 - red $m/p*
salmon sake
sockeye $3 - premium $3.5
salmon toro
salmon belly - $4
smoked salmon
smoked salmon - $2.5
spicy salmon
spicy salmon with scallions - $3.25
spicy tuna
spicy tuna with scallions - $3
snapper - $m/p*
octopus - $2.5
egg omlette - $2
flying fish roe - $2.5
fatty tuna - pink $3.5 - red $m/p*
bbq eel - $3
unagi tempura
tempura bbq eel - $3.5
sea urchin - $m/p*
quail egg (add)
raw quail egg - $1.5



—  MAKI  —


OMG - $20

spicy salmon, asparagas and green onions, topped with slices of seared
butterfish and finished with a miso-apple puree

jimbo-san - $20

deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, tobiko and
kaiware sprouts, topped with our famous “new style” sockeye salmon

mahalo roll - $22

spicy steamed shrimp, pineapple, mango, red pepper and tempura
crumbs wrapped with soy sheet topped with albacore tuna, drizzled with
chili lime sauce and seaweed sprinkles

east meets west - $25

spicy succulent east coast lobster with mango and avocado wrapped with
soy sheet and topped with west coast salmon and yuzu infused tobiko

new style roll - $16

chopped scallops and tobiko wrapped with soy sheet and topped with
freshly sliced seafood, seared in our new style way with yuzu tobiko on top

wasabi tempura roll - $13

crabmeat and shrimp with avocado, tobiko, mango & soy bean with a light
crispy tempura finish drizzled with spicy sesame sauce

godzilla roll - $18

tempura shrimp, soft shell crab, scallops, mayo, avocado, radish sprouts,
sesame seeds and tobiko

crazy 88 roll - $12

tuna, salmon, spicy mayo, cucumber, avocado and tempura crumbs

e carriere roll - $13

chopped scallops, tobiko and mayo topped with red tuna and salmon

kamikaze roll - $12

spicy scallops and tobiko with tempura crumbs inside and outside

wasabi california roll - $10

crabmeat, shrimp, avocado, tobiko, masago and mayo wrapped
with a thin cucumber crepe

mango tango - $13

fresh slices of mango, avocado, tobiko and tempura shrimp
dressed with wasabi mayo

godzilla roll - $18

tempura shrimp, soft shell crab, scallops, mayo, avocado,
radish sprouts, sesame seeds and tobiko

white dynamite roll - $11

tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy mayo, tobiko, sesame seeds and
sprouts wrapped in a thin radish crepe

green spider roll - $13

soft shell crab, spicy mayo, tobiko, sesame seeds, avocado and
radish sprouts in a thin cucumber crepe

wasabi house roll - $14

tuna, salmon, crab meat, scallops, tobiko, salmon skin, mayo,
avocado and radish sprouts

rainbow roll - $14

crab meat, tobiko, mayo, avocado, sesame seeds topped with an
assortment of seafood on the outside

volcano roll - $13

hot spicy chopped scallops and calamari and tobiko sauce over
an avocado and eel roll

will-san roll - $12

fresh salmon, spicy mayo, tobiko, avocado, cucumber and tempura crumbs

prairie fire roll - $11

spicy tuna with grilled vegetables and tempura crumbs




zen roll - $12

asparagus and tempura squash, topped with grilled zucchini,
red pepper balsamic and yuzu mayo.

red velvet - $14

micro arugula sprouts, cucumber and cream cheese, topped with roasted
beets, Manitoba honey, toasted walnuts and a soy balsamic reduction.

vegetarian caterpillar roll - $12

tempura yam, cucumber inside with avocado on the outside drizzled with
sweet sauce & sesame seeds.

shiitake garlic roll - $12

baby arugula, roasted garlic chips, shiitake tempura and pea shoot.

mushroom medley roll - $12

tempura enoki mushroom, grilled king and shiitake mushrooms, shiso,
asparagus with soy balsamic vinaigrette.

veggie soy roll - $8

cream cheese, fresh mango and cucumber wrapped in a soy crepe.

grilled vegetable roll - $8

grilled red pepper, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, sprouts and sesame seeds.